Best Way to Learn Coding for Beginners

Classes for Beginners

We offer well-structured classes: roughly 40 mins of lectures, followed by 15 mins of Q and A session and finally 1 hour of coding. This method ensures you get effective, ractical experience and have opportunity to ask question immediately.

Experienced Developers

Our instructor brings 4 years of industrial coding experience and close to 2 years of university teaching experience. Not only that, we try to bring humour to our class. We make learn coding easy!

Live Stream Class

Traditional coding classes (like in college) requires travelling, which demands too much commitment. On other hand, online self learning website and courses make learning lonely, which makes learning to code less motivating. Live streamed classes provides low-commitment yet community-based learning. Thus, making it very effective.

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Code Lyseum offers live streamed coding class that is effective, affordable and requires low commitment. Furthermore, since our sessions are delivered to a class that encourages discussion, students will have chance to form new relationship. All lecutres include question and answer session to make sure you understand important concepts.

The table below illustrates a comparison of different approaches to learn coding and why we believe our approach is better.

Methods Effectiveness Ease of Learning Pricing Commitment Community Seeking Help Overall
Online Self Learning
Courses (e.g. Codecademy,
Coursera, ...)
Poor Medium Free(mium) Low Larger but looser Slow OK
Colleges or Coding Bootcamps Good Difficult Expensive Very high Small but tight Fast Poor
Code Lyseum Good Easy Affordable Low Small but tight Fast Best

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